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My illustration in Uppercase Magazine and the education of my daughter

My scrapbooking illustration is being featured in the 26 issue of Uppercase Magazine. This means a lot to me because I love Uppercase and feeling honored to be chosen to take part in this creative and inspiring magazine.

Furthermore, this was a great opportunity to share my work and aspiration with my daughter. My 5 1/2 years old girl is getting more interested in my professional work and I find it very important to show her the different stages of my process. I wish she will appreciate the hard work and long hours that are needed to make things, I want her to understand how to plan a project, to learn how to deal with obstacles and handle both success and rejection.

She saw me researching, sketching, drawing, scanning and working on the computer. I took time to show her my work before I sent it to the magazine and shared my anticipation with her. We celebrated the e-mail that confirmed that my illustration will be featured and the arrival of the magazine in the mail. I find it both funny and heartwarming that she declared she was proud me (in the same manner and tone I use to tell her exactly that).

Now I have to keep up the good work and hold on to my title as a good role model.

What about you? Do you share your work and process with your kids? Are you sharing the difficulties and the hard times too? I'd love to hear how you do that.

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