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Who am I?

The easy answer is that I'm an illustrator and surface designer living and working in Jerusalem.

Want the complicated answer? Read on…

My main interest is in the place and power of visual images in storytelling and communication. I love creating characters, designing patterns and I revel in visual problem solving. I enjoy experimenting, researching and learning new things. I find my inspiration in art history, the natural world, vintage books, animation and current local and worldwide art and commercial trends. My personal voice is expressed in hand drawn illustration and I usually use the computer as my editing tool. I just adore the intimate and raw feeling of a hand drawn line and the versatility and playfulness that the computer adds to the mix.

My favorite and most fruitful working environment is at the crack of dawn with a steaming cup of tea, the computer and early morning calm. When I'm not working, you can find me and my little daughter cuddled up with a book or laying on the rug drawing our imaginary friends and building all sorts of extraordinary castles. My creative impulses find their way into my cooking and crafting and my curiosity feeds on endless reading, visiting museums and taking walks outside enjoying the changing of the seasons and the unique atmosphere of my city.


I'm currently available for commissions and collaborations.

I'd love to hear from you and see how I can help you and your cause.

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