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What is home for you?

These days we are surrounded by beautiful pictures of lovely houses and perfect homes. It makes me jealous sometimes; at first I thought I love the idea of spending my life in those impeccable buildings and picture-perfect rooms.

But when I think deeper on the real meaning of home to me and when I take another look in my Pinterest account, I realize that what I really yearn for has nothing to do with perfection. On the contrary, I want our abode to be alive, an ever growing and changing space, full of tiny moments that creates our one of a kind language and jokes, marked with our fingerprints and stamped with the signs of our creations, a place for making memories. This has nothing to do with faultlessness but it has a lot to do with building together the right habitat for us, a place to be together, feeling sheltered from whatever lays outside our walls, a place to be with who we love.

But I still would like to have a workspace suitable for an Instagram shoot…

What about you? What kind of place makes you feel at home? What is the meaning of home for you? Are you happy with you current home?

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