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Do you like yellow? I used to dislike yellow. I don’t really know why. Maybe the reason was this color never suited my skin tone. Perhaps because yellow is such a contrast to my beloved blues it made me feel restless. Anyway, yellow was never part of my go to color palette. But lately I realize I'm using yellow again and again. I started to enjoy its bright and cheerful feel and the joy it evokes. I even like and appreciate the power of using yellow to make contrast. This is a huge transformation for me and I find it encouraging. Accepting and relishing the change of my taste feels like a generous gift I'm giving to myself and the way it is revealed in my work makes me even happier about it, as if I found a treasure box full of new possibilities that may lead me to new explorations and adventures.

I'd love to know what you think on this. Did you have such a change in your taste or in your work?

Above you can see the Eco-Active-Global-Geometric pattern I designed lately for the MIID summer school. For the previous patterns I designed to its briefs you can look here, here and here.

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