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Eco active organic decay pattern

After finishing the first project for the beginners track of the MIID summer school I started working on the intermediate track brief. I found myself working in a completely different atmosphere while creating a pattern for an eco-active-organic-decay trend. I still used hand drawn elements since I felt they tie perfectly with this assignment. And, as I did in the previous task, I work up my design on the computer and created a pattern in a technical repeat.

But, the temper I wanted for this piece was much rough and gritty, with unfinished edges and imperfect lines and shapes. I knew this design needs more raw textures and layered surfaces. I picked the colors from the provided palette thinking about camouflage suggestions while keeping edgy contrast for the piece. Finally, I created a mock up showcasing a prototype of my design on a shoe flat provided by WGSN.

This kind of illustration is quite far from what I usually do and I'd really appreciate your thoughts about it.

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