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April's assignment in MATS Bootcamp was illustrating a poster and postcard for the upcoming live event that will take place in Brighton, England.

I'm not used to designing for the advertising market and that made the process very interesting for me.

The colors, the Lilla Rogers Studio School logo and the text were given as part of the brief, and so was the encouragement to use hand lettering. Therefore taking of lettering was the first thing in the creating of the elements. I wanted to make my lettering fun but still clear and legible.

Since I needed to create a single design that works as both a poster and a postcard I had to think about a design that will read well small but still look interesting enough at full size. That was the reason I decided to use patterns as backgrounds. Besides, I was thinking the patterns can be used for other printed materials at the event like goodie bags, brochures etc. I chose to use one big main character and not to use too many small details that might get lost in the smaller version.

For me, the interesting part of the brief and in the making of the character was thinking about an illustration that should appeal to women and men. I usually illustrate for children and women and the need to illustrate something not too cute and not too feminine was a nice change. I also wanted to make the work more conceptual and less narrative but still put some hints for what Brighton is (as I understand it is a cool, creative, British

city on the ocean) and what the event is about (people coming together from all over the globe to grow their art careers).

You can check out other illustrators work for the brief right here.

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