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It’s a small world

Being an illustrator and working from home can sometimes feel a little lonely. I do have my family and friends but still I find myself longing for the company of other creators and creatives. I try to meets my illustrator-designer-creative friends face to face whenever I can. These days, thanks to the web and the communities evolving around web courses, I can even broaden my tribe across the ocean.

A nice example to the growing community of creators around the globe I found in the MATS online courses. The illustrators taking this course live all over the world but share the same passion to draw and express themselves and the same need to connect. This community turned out to be inspiring and supportive. I love seeing everybody's interpretation to the briefs we get each week and I appreciate the kind words and the devices we share. I feel that am learning not only from the course curriculum but also from my fellow illustrators, and I love it.

One of the fun and interesting ways that this diversity and connection came to live was in the editorial illustration that pictured our home towns. We come from such diverse backgrounds, we use different techniques and styles but we all wanted to share and bond.

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