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Airship and memories

One of the things I love about the MATS course I'm taking this month (1, 2) is exploring of new markets. This week we studies and illustrated for the scrapbooking market. I find this market fascinating. The culture of scrapbooking is very rare here but there is a great tradition of keeping memories alive and transferring memories to the next generation. This is done publicly mostly by the ways we celebrate the holydays, ceremonies, names of places, stamps and memorial statues. But there is also a more personal side consisting storytelling and writing that gains more space in our lives in the last decades. This is done mostly in regards to commemorating the dead or the family immigration and straggles. We tend to keep a lot of family pictures but otherwise the visual side of keeping personal memories is not so rich and strong as you can find in the USA for instance.

The idea that an illustrator can help a person or a family to keep their stories by making scrapbooking elements really moves me. I love that this market celebrates the big events in life but also gives a special place for the everyday. It sure is a market I'd love to keep exploring.

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