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Splish Splash pattern collection

As I wrote I love to keep on learning and I always find new way to do that.

Lately I was taking part in an exciting e-course taught by Lilla Rogers, one of the world's top illustration agents. The purpose of this course is to build a professional portfolio while learning about lucrative markets for art.

Last week we learned about the paper market which is one of my favorites markets and illustrated a winter holiday card.

This week the focus was baby/children’s apparel & décor. I had a great time illustrating a nautical collection that includes five repeat patterns.

Not only that I really enjoyed working on this project, I also received a personal review by Lilla Rogers herself. I was very excited about this review since only few of the submissions get evaluation each week. Even though I feel I learn a lot from other student's analysis, the fact that Lilla herself picked my work and that her evaluation was more than kind and very encouraging made a big impact. She examined the collection and appreciated the different coordinates. I cherished every word she said but I'm too shy to write them here. Therefore I'll only say the she claimed that she would have sent this collection to bolt fabric companies.

So I guess that's the plan. Bolt fabric companies - here I come!

I'd love to hear from you in case you want to license my patterns and illustrations or create new collections for your company.

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